March 19, 2019

Indonesian Cinema Soars Ahead

Rano Karno,  prominent Indonesian actor.

After Utrecht and Hilversum, Indonesian cinema in the Netherlands has now attained the pinnacle, the classy venue of Pathé Tuschinski Cinema, Amsterdam.

On 23rd July 2018, the first ever Indonesian film Premiere, starring Rano Karno. Si Doel The Movie. A delegation consisting of the film director and many others came all the way from Indonesia to be present at this historical Gala Premiere of Si Doel the Movie in Amsterdam. A historical evening it has been indeed.

Roy Lie Atjam

On the 23rd of July, Rano Karno, a prominent Indonesian actor as well as the director of this film, came all the way from Indonesia with other cast members Cornelia Agatha, Maudy Koesnaedi, Mandra, Suti Karno, Adam Jagwani, and Salman Al Farisi to attend the Gala Premiere of Si Doel the Movie in Netherlands before the official showing in Indonesia starting on the 2nd of August. The cast members came to the location with a white Hummer limousine while the fans cheered and occasionally sing along Si Doel’ssoundtrack, anticipating to get a glimpse of the actors and if lucky, snap a picture with their favorite actors.

The Gala Premiere of Si Doel the Movie was attended by special guests that racks up to 750 of the available seats in Pathé Tuschinski Cinema, a prestigious historical cinema in Amsterdam. Pathé Tuschinski’s  grand hall and lobby with an Art Deco façade steals the show from the grand red carpet by welcoming the attendees with a profound artistic experience along with the backdrop of Si Doel the Movie, the obligatory photo spot of the night.

Indonesian Gala Premiere of Si Doel the Movie in Netherlands

After the red carpet event and the photo sessions, the event was opened by a special performance of Dutch Dance Girl who danced along to the soundtrack of Si Doel AnakJalanan. The actors then were introduced and RanoKarno, as the lead role and director of this film, shared his biggest gratitude that this film of his became a dream come true. Maudy Koesnadi, using Dutch language, also shared her excitement and invited the viewers to enjoy the film just as the actors enjoy filming it. The lights dimmed at exactly 20:00 pm and for 90 minutes, there were laughter, tears, and mixed emotions.

After the movie, the cast members were welcomed back to the stage with a warm standing ovation by the viewers for a Q and A session. The film was a great success from which Rano Karno announces that he will be scouting for locations for the film’s sequel, right here in the Netherlands.

Rano Karno, Indonesian actor with other cast members Cornelia Agatha, Maudy Koesnaedi, Mandra, Suti Karno, Adam Jagwani, and Salman Al Farisi.

One of the viewers, Tan from Gouda, expresses his excitement about the movie. “It is a very good movie, I really enjoyed it and the movie is really funny and fun to watch.

I think that the comparison between the locations of the movie, both in Indonesia and Netherlands showcases the culture of both countries and I think it is really good.”

The Gala Premiere of Si Doel the Movie.

Si Doel the Movie is an adaptation of Si Doel Anak Sekolahan, a soap opera well known back in the 90s. It explores the story of a love triangle between Doel (Rano Karno), Sarah (Cornelia Agatha), and Zaenab (Maudy Koesnaedi).

Sarah, the ex-wife of Doel left to the Netherlands with their son, Dul (Rey Bong), and after 14 years, had a plan to bring together Doel to meet his son for the first time.



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