March 19, 2019

Ecuador ‘s Triple Celebration















H.E. Mr. Fernando Bucheli and spouse Narumi Bucheli.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

The Hague, 31st July 2018, H.E. Ambassador Fernando Xavier Bucheli Vargas of the Republic of Ecuador, hosted a triple event celebrating the upgrade of his country’s mission in the Netherlands. As of now the Diplomatic status of the mission is that of an Embassy.

On the same day, Ecuador organized the National Day of Ecuador. In addition to this,  a Diplomat Meet and Greet event was also celebrated.

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Mr. Marcel de Vink,, current Director of the Western Hemisphere Department of the Dutch MFA.

The activities were held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and was attended by fellow Ambassadors from  India, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Indonesia, Morocco, Afghanistan, Egypt, Holy See,  Italy, Viet Nam, Tanzania, Guatemala, Palestine,  and Diplomats from Nigeria, Belarus, Panama, El Salvador just to mention a few. Also present at the event OPCW Director General, ICJ Registrar, ICC registrar, Secretary General Permanent Court of arbitrage, Director of International Organisation for Migration, Secretary General The Hague Law.

The festive activities also brought together members of the Dutch Business community, Government representatives, the Ecuadorian diaspora and specially invited guests.

Naromi Bucheli, Ambassador Bucheli and the Ambassador of India, H.E. Venu Rajamony.

Guest of honor was Mr. Marcel de Vink, a former Dutch Ambassador and the current Director of the Western Hemisphere Department of the Dutch MFA. De Vink lauded the good relationship between the two countries and the upgrading of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Ambassador Fernando Bucheli successfully created an atmosphere that gave one the feeling of being in Ecuador. The music, video presentations, banners and food (ceviche, crepes de banana and chocolate)contributed to the ambiance. Noteworthy was the presence of an Ecuadorian hat maker Ms Tania Pelaez. Ambassador Bucheli and his spouse Narumi Bucheli, warmly welcome the many guests. Ambassador Bucheli delivered a clear speech which you will find hereunder.

H.E. Andrea Perugini, Ambassador of Italy, Narumi Bucheli and Ambassador Bucheli.

Mr Marcel de Vink, former Ambassador, Director of Western Hemisphere of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Netherlands

Dear Excellences, representatives of public and private sector, Ecuadorian citizens, ladies and gentleman:

On behalf of the Government of Mr. Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador, I would like to give you a warm welcome to this receptionto celebrate our National Day, which is known in Spanish as “El primer grito de independencia” that means “the first declaration of independence”.After nearly three hundred years of Spanish rule, the citizens of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, were the first in Latin America to rebel and declare independence on 10 August 1809.

The efforts of Ecuadorians were seen as a key milestone in the movement across Central and South America that would eventually lead to independence from Europe.

Lester Ortega, Minister Counsellor from Guatemala and H.E. Hiroshi Inomata, Ambassador of Japan with Ecuadorian Hats.

It isimportant to remember historicalmoments;with a view to project into the future and in this respectI would like to briefly speak about Ecuador today.

Ecuador had a 3,4 %GDP average growthbetween 2007-2016, -0,27 % inflation and 4,6%unemployment rate in 2017 and most important Ecuador has an inclusive economic growth which isthe cornerstone to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality. Ecuador gives great importance to education and has increasedits expenditure and had offered almost 20.000 scholarships to Ecuadorean students to the top universities around the world including Netherlands where we have around 300 hundred students.

The Ambassador of Peru, H.E. Carlos Herrera, Naruni Bucheli, Veronique Michéa and Ambassador Bucheli.

Ecuador concluded in 2017 a Commercial Agreement with the European Union that opens a broad spectrum of opportunities. This agreement puts in place a set of commercial and policy arrangements that provide a degree of certainty for potential investors with a view to increase commerce between Ecuador and Netherlands.

Trade agreement concluded with EFTA in July 2018 complementing EU trade agreement. Ecuador member of the Andean Community and associate member of MERCOSUR is now approaching the Alianza del Pacífico.

H.E. Philippe Couvreur, Registrar of the International Court of Justice together with Narumi and Ambassador Bucheli Vargas.

Ecuador welcomes foreign investment and actually we have proposed to the government of Netherlands discuss a new agreement to protect and promote the investments.

The Government of Ecuador has significantly invested in its infrastructure in order to enable good connectivity. Ecuador counts on avery good network of roads, harbors and international airports andhas made a large investment of around 6 billion dollars to construct 8 hydroelectric power stations, and now producing clean energy and in this way also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Ecuador National Day and Meet & Greet.

Since 2011 until now Ecuador has exported approximately 3.1 billion dollars to the Netherlands and has imported 1.94 billion dollars. The principal products exported by my country are cacao, tuna fish, bananas, exotic fruits, shrimp, flowers and organic fats and oils. On the other hand, we have imported nafta, medicines, machinery and precision devises.

Many other opportunities have been identified and explored by Dutch companies such as Van Oord or Nutreco in the food and infrastructure sectors. In fact, in the first quarter of 2018 The Netherlands has invested 222 USD millions in six sectors such as real estate, mining, logistic, manufacture and services sectors.

OPCW Director General, H.E. Fernando Arias and H.E. I Gusti Wesaka Puja, Ambassador of Indonesia.

Ecuador, one of the 12 most biodiverse countries in the world,  offers a unique opportunity for tourism investors, the advantage of traveling to Ecuador is the small distances between the four different regions:  I ask you to imagine the following: “Four worlds converge in one territory, from the warm coast drenched by the Pacific that gradually rises towards the snowy heights and temperate valleys of the Andes Mountains, to the green cover of Amazonian biodiversity; all of this as a prelude to a nice reward, the Galapagos Islands”. We are working on increasing the tourism from Europe to Ecuador.We have direct flights from the Netherlands to Ecuador, every daywith a 95% of occupation on average.

Ecuador also provides an impressive cultural gastronomy heritage. A mix of colors and tastes attract people from around the world, with exotic fruits and vegetables. Here you will have the chance to taste a sample of the Ecuadorean gastronomy elaborated with Ecuadorean ingredients like quinoa, shrimps, banana and chocolate.

Before to end my words I would like to share the good newsthat the Embassy of Ecuador in the Netherlands is reopening since tomorrow.This shows the great interest that Ecuador places on its bilateral and multilateral relations with Netherlands.

Tania Pelaez.

Finally, I would like to thank Ambassador de Vink, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all of you for coming today. SpecialthankstoDr. Mayeline de Lara Publisher of Diplomat Magazine and Diplomatic Card, for kindly sponsoring this event. Also thanks to Original Beans and Mrs. Tania Pelaez for promoting Ecuadorean products here.

Enjoy the food and drinks and wish you a good summer.



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