March 19, 2019

Chef Dao Van Son, Flavors of Viet Nam

On the picture Chef Dao Van Son.

By Youri Moes.

Chef Dao Van Son was at the helm of the Crowne Plaza Hotel kitchen staff for the Vietnam Flavours event this June, showcasing his specialities of Vietnamese dishes to a hungry crowd. Chef Dao’s name is synonymous with haute cuisine in Viet Nam, boasting 2 Michelin Stars at his restaurant La Table Du Chef in Hanoi.

Chef Dao has had a very prestigious career, working in some of the most exclusive hotels throughout Viet Nam. Chef Dao was responsible for creating well known dishes like Pomelo Salad with scallops, deep fried crab spring rolls, and sautéed king prawns.

Chef Sido de Brabander, the Ambassador of Viet Nam, H.E. Ms. Ngo Thi Hoa. and Chef Dao van Son.

During the Vietnamese food festival at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, guests had the opportunity to see Chef Dao’s culinary prowess first hand, with him using an outside grill. Together with chef Sido de Brabander and  other members of the kitchen staff of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chef Dao cooked up a storm, serving fresh fish in a spiced sauce, along with noodles and fried onions.

Along side this was a mixed grill of Vietnamese meats. While working the grill and fires, Chef Dao managed to speak to all his guests, enquiring if they were enjoying their meals. To see a man working a craft in a high stress situation all while remaining calm and speaking to his guests was truly inspiring.

Viet Nam Flavors.

The guests Ambassadors and diplomats from more than thirty countries  obviously tasted the passion that Chef Dao put in his cooking since many guests went outside a second, third and even fourth time for more servings of the food.

Even after the desserts, with sticky coconut rice, red bean jellies and fresh Vietnamese fruits, people would head outside, looking for any possible leftovers.

Viet Nam Flavors.

The Viet Nam Flavors dinner was a huge success, with chef Dao opening the doors to this great event together with the Ambassador of Viet Nam, H.E. Ms. Ngo Thi Hoa.   

He has done a terrific job, showing the deep styling of Vietnamese cuisine to many diners without experience eating it. No one went home hungry, tables were alive with compliments to the chef, all of which was completely deserved.

Dao van Son cooking at Crowne Plaza, The Hague.


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