March 19, 2019

The World of Coffee kicked off with the Rwandan Speciality Coffee

On the picture His Excellency Mr. Jean Pierre Karabaranga, Ambassador of Rwanda.

The famous World of Coffee exhibition in Amsterdam opened last June 2018, with  “Rwanda Coffee – A Second Sunrise” which is a national brand for Rwandan specialty coffee. A delegation of 21 exhibitors arrived from Kigali to represent the country’s coffee sector players. The delegates were facilitated by the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in The Netherlands and the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) in Rwanda.

On the side-lines of the World of Coffee, Team Rwanda made a call for participants to the up-coming ‘Rwanda Cup of Excellence’ to be hosted by the country at Kigali in August 2018.

Rwanda Coffee.

Rwanda Coffee – A Second Sunrise

The National Coffee Brand Values are built on the reflection of what the Rwandan coffee industry and Rwanda as a country stands for. They are deeply rooted in the specific ways in which they invest their pride and effort and how they choose to cultivate process and deliver their coffee to the world. It enforces pursuing excellence (Quality), trust (Integrity) as well as appreciating their resources (Socially & Environmentally Conscious). Regarding trust, the coffee industry prides itself on being transparent and delivering quality products at a fair rate.

They take pride of the heritage and resources, as well as the growth that the country has seen through which is very relevant for the coffee industry.

Rwanda National Coffee Brand aims to help stakeholders collaborate and share knowledge to encourage innovation and growth. The growth and success of the industry is a shared source of pride, creating solutions and identifying opportunities is done at each stage of the value chain. Rwanda is known for being environmentally and socially conscious. The National Coffee Brand therefore dedicates itself to appreciating and taking care of its natural resources with a focus on organic and natural products, as well as valuing the role and effort of each stakeholder.

August 2018 – Rwanda Cup of Excellence

It was introduced in Rwanda in 2008 following the Rwanda Golden Cup in 2007. It is a competition that selects the very best coffee produced in a member country of the Alliance for Coffee of Excellence (ACE) for that particular year. It has created a much more transparent infrastructure for high quality coffees across the world.

It is also an opportunity for coffee business dealers as they can identify, trace and build relationships with growers of superior coffees. It brings together the high-quality roaster and the high-quality farmer and helps both understand and appreciate the nuances and flavour profiles of rare exemplary coffees. It has encouraged farmers to be committed growing incredible coffees that can build consumer excitement and loyalty.

The Cup of Excellence is a program with three-fold benefits. First and foremost, it dramatically enhances the lives of the farmers, their family and the community at large. Secondly, it is excitingfor the coffee lover who gets to discover exceptional coffees. Thirdly, it stimulates the sales and the image of roasters who acquired the best coffees during auctions. Cup of Excellence has been a springboard for many growers and has secured long term relationship with international buyers which, in turn, allows for further investment in the Rwanda coffee sector.

Winning farmers take both the competition and the award as an acknowledgement of their dedication to quality.

  • World of Coffee Exhibition                                       
  • National Agricultural Export Development Board  


Photography by the Embassy of Rwanda.

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