February 23, 2019

North Korean workers enter Russia

Thousands of North Korean workers enter Russia despite U.N. ban
Moscow’s approval of new North Korean laborers keeps cash flowing to Pyongyang and may violate sanctions, U.S. officials say


By Ian Talley in Washington and Anatoly Kurmanaev in St. Petersburg, Russia.
WJS (02.08.2018) – https://on.wsj.com/2ny2sQn – Russia is letting thousands of new North Korean laborers enter the country and issuing fresh work permits-actions U.S. officials say potentially violate United Nations sanctions aimed at cutting cash flows to Pyongyang and pressing it to give up nuclear weapons.
The U.N. Security Council in September barred governments from issuing new work permits to North Koreans, though some existing labor contracts were allowed to continue.

Since the ban, more than 10,000 new North Korean workers have registered in Russia, according to Russian Interior Ministry records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, at least 700 new work permits have been issued to North Koreans this year, according to Labor Ministry records.

The labor prohibition, part of a broad array of sanctions, is aimed at eliminating an important revenue stream for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime.
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Kim Jon-un and Donald Trump – Picture by U.S. Department of State

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