February 23, 2019

XV Informal meeting of German-speaking heads of state in Segl

XV informal meeting of German-speaking heads of state and spouses – Picture by the Belgian Monarchy.
Thursday, 6 September 2018, Sils im Engadin/Segl, Canton of Graubünden, Swiss Confederation: Loyal to their annual tradition the heads of state of Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Liechtenstein (acting head of state) were hosted by the Swiss Federal President Alain Berset to discuss topics of relevance.
The visiting delegations arrived in the municipality of Sils im Engandin located in the Canton of the Grisons (Graubünden) for their informal welcome on Wednesday, 5 September, albeit the official programme began on 6 September with discussions rounds concerning the possible membership of Western Balkan countries into the EU, the Brexit, the upcoming global climate conference to be held in October in Poland as well as the Austrian EU-Council chairmanship. 
Although the meeting is meant for the heads of state of partaking countries, one should note that Switzerland has no one single head of state, hence Federal Counsellor Alain Berset welcomed his colleagues in his role as primus inter pares within the seven-members strong Federal Swiss Council. Likewise Liechtenstein’s Hereditary Prince Alois participates in his capacity as deputy to the sovereign prince.
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