February 23, 2019

Indonesia: Celebrating Independence, Friendship and Diversity

By Roy Lie Atjam.

Diversity is not about how we differ, diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness (Maya Angelou)


The 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia has been widely celebrated in the Netherlands.

The Embassy of Indonesia in the Netherlands under the direction of H.E. Ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja has successfully organized various activities to mark this memorable day. Activities as an impressive Flag hoisting ceremony, Indonesian Flavour Festival, a Diplomatic reception, Pasar Ryan etc.

The Diplomatic reception took place on the lawns of“ Wisma Duta” in Wassenaar, the official residence of the Ambassador of Indonesia in the Netherlands. The date was 6 September 2018, the theme was Diversity and Friendship.

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka, H.E. Adam M.J. Sadiq together with H.E. Ambassador I Gusti Wesaka Puja.

H.E. Ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja opened the reception with a brief address. Featuring alongside him Mister and Miss Indonesia 2017, Miquel Sijbers and Nike van der Velde.

The presence of Mister and Miss Indonesia is a token of the vigour of the phenomena diversity Ambassador Puja remarked. In addition to celebrating Independence and Diversity, the diplomatic reception was also an expression of the long standing friendship between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

H.E. Mr Agustin Vazquez Gomez, Ambassador of El Salvador, Mrs. Laura Dupuy and H.E. Ricardo Nava, Ambassador of Uruguay.

The Diplomatic reception, quotation:

More than 850 guests made up of diplomatic corps, officials of various Dutch government institutions, international organizationspartners, the press, and Indonesians. Among the guests were also prominent Dutch political figures, members of Parliament, and the Senate. For example, Ben Bot, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Balkenende Cabinet II and III; AnkieBroekers-Knol, President of the Dutch Senate; Geert Jan Hamilton, Secretary General of the Dutch Senate; Fernando Arias, Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW); Pauline Krikke, Mayor of The Hague; Lenny Poppe-de Loff, Mayor of Zundert. Simon Boon, President of Gelre Association International.

H.E. Mrs. Adia Sakiqi, Ambassador of Albania, H.E. Fernando Arias, Director – General OPCW and H.E. Ms. Mirsada Čolaković, Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Ambassador Wesaka Puja also expressed the pride of the Indonesian people, who had successfully held the 2018 Asian Games some time ago. Because of this success, Indonesia has a strong foundation to offer itself as the host for the 2032 Olympics.

Ambassador Wesaka Puja took advantage of this opportunity to promote Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands. As a form of commemoration of the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary, the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague published a book 73 favorite Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands. “If you go home later, please take the book. I hope you can visit one of them” he said.

As a series of the 73rd RI independence activities, this Diplomatic Reception was also sponsored by various companies, including Damen, BNI, Garuda, PT. Lis International, Van Oord, The East, Pipiltin, Polygon, and others.

Mrs. Fernanda Jagusiak, Mrs. Linda Zin and the Ambassador of Malaysia, H.E Mr. Ahmad Nazri Yusof.

After the speech, Ambassador Wesaka Puja invited the guests to enjoy a variety of Indonesian specialties that were provided such as chicken soup, gado-gado, guling goats, as well as various satay – chicken, goat and shrimp. Not to forget, ice teler, various herbs, native Indonesian tea, Bintang beer, as well as Indonesian snacks, such as rolls, spring rolls, and lapis legit.

While enjoying the meal, guests were entertained by music presented by the Krontjong Toegoe group. It has been a great celebration of the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary.

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