June 21, 2019

François Sénémaud for Syria

François Sénémaud  – Picture by French Embassy to Laos.
Monday, 27 August 2018: President Macron’s “Personal Representative of the French Presidency for Syria” commenced his duties in this role directly promoted from the Élysée Palace.
Minister-Plenipotentiary François Sénémaud entered to France from his service as French Ambassador to Iran. Previously he was head for the French Intelligence Service (DGSE, 2012-16).
Diplomatic observers noted that Sénémaud is well-acquainted to the Arab region, having served as a top diplomat in Jordan during the Gulf War whilst he is likewise well-versed on Iran, its system and strategies; the latter being a pivotal country in order to solve successfully the Syrian crises.
Since 2012 the French Embassy in Damascus has been shut down just as all other EU embassies with the exception of the Czech Embasssy.

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