June 21, 2019

International Criminal Law, Transnational Criminal Organizations and Transitional Justice

By Prof. Héctor Olasolo (The Hague: Brill / Nijhoff, 2018) – ISBN: 9789004341005

Parties negotiating the end of authoritarian regimes or armed conflicts are almost inevitably left in a situation of legal uncertainty.


Despite their overlapping scope of application, the differences between the approaches of International Criminal Law (ICL) and Transitional Justice (TJ) are so profound that, unless dogmatisms are left aside and a process of dialogue is entered into, it will not be possible to harmonize the current legal regime of international crimes with the need to articulate transitional processes that are capable of effectively overcoming authoritarian regimes and armed conflicts.

The serious material limitations shown by national, international and hybrid ICL enforcement mechanisms should be acknowledged and the goals pursued by ICL should be redefined accordingly. A minimum level of consensus on the scope of application, goals and elements of TJ should also be reached. Situations of systematic or large scale violence against the civilian population by transnational criminal organizations increase the challenge.


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About the author:

Prof. Dr. Héctor Olasolo: LL.M in Law (Columbia U. USA), Ph.D in Law (Salamanca U. Spain): Profile – Perfil
Chair in International Law, Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), que ofrece, entre otros, los siguientes Programas de Posgrado: 3 Especializaciones: Derecho Internacional, Derecho del Mar y DDHH y DIH – Maestría en Derecho Internacional (con 3 énfasis: DI Penal y DIH, Arbitraje y DI Económico y Estudios Críticos) – Doctorado en Derecho
Chairman, Ibero-American Institute of The Hague/Instituto Ibero-Americano de la Haya, IIH (The Netherlands): Research Network – International Law Clinic
Director, Colección Perspectivas Iberoamericanas sobre la Justicia (Tirant lo Blanch, IIH, IJHF)
Director, Anuario Iberoamericano de Derecho Internacional Penal, ANIDIP (Universidad del Rosario, Tirant lo Blanch, IIH)
Senior Researcher, COLCIENCIAS – Science, Technology and Innovation (Colombia) 
Lecturer, The Hague University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) 
Most Recent Publication in Q-1 Journal (Jan. 2018): The Colombian Integrated System of Truth, Justice, Reparations and Non-Repetition, Journal of International Criminal Justice, Vol. 15, Issue 4 (2017), Pp. 1011-1047.

Selection of Previous Books: Los Desafíos del Derecho Internacional Penal: Especial Atención a los Casos de Argentina, Colombia, España, México y Uruguay (Tirant lo Blanch, 2018); Introducción al Derecho Internacional Penal (Universidad del Rosario, 2015); Tratado de Autoría y Participación en Derecho Internacional Penal (Tirant lo Blanch, 2013); Essays on International Criminal Justice (Hart, Oxford, 2012); The Role of the International Criminal Court in Preventing Atrocity Crimes through Timely Intervention (Boom Jurisdisch/Willem Pompe Institute of Utrecht University, 2010); The Criminal Responsibility  of Political and Military Leaders as Principals to international Crimes (Hart, Oxford, 2009); Terrorismo Internacional y Conflicto Armado (Tirant lo Blanch, 2008); Unlawful Attacks in Combat Situations (Brill/Nijhoff, 2007); The Triggering Procedure of the International Criminal Court (Brill/Nijhoff, 2005)

Selection of Previous Publications in Q-1 Journals: American Journal of International Law; Journal of International Criminal Justice; Criminal Law Forum, International Criminal Law Review, Leiden Journal of International Law 

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