June 20, 2019

Hessian Minister Lucia Puttrich prepares for a hard Brexit

Wiesbaden/Berlin/Brüssels: Hessian Minister for European and Federal Affairs Lucia Puttrich has called for her country to prepare for unsolved issues concerning the UK’s upcoming departure from the European Union. In her opinion, the latter affects all German federal states; in fact for her “everything must be done to avoid a hard Brexit without an agreement. Yet should it come to that, we must be prepared”. 

Minister Puttrich has highlighted Hesse’s preparations for a hard Brexit during the two-days conference for the European affairs ministers of the German federal states held at Brussels. According to Minister Puttrich the political situation in the UK becomes unclearer by the day, all scenarios are possible, from new elections, to a hard Brexit and perhaps even a roll back on Brexit. 

In Hesse the regional Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen has prepared a studied concerning the feasibility for expansion of the financial place Frankfurt am Main; a prominent location for financial institutions leaving London for a EU member state. 

For further information:

Brexit conference at the Hessian Representation to the German Federation: https://staatskanzlei.hessen.de/video/brexit-summit-am-17-oktober-2018-berlin-0

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