May 26, 2019

NRW in Peking, Nanjing and Chendu

Motive behind the visit was the 30th year anniversary of partnerships between NRW and the provinces Jiangsu and Sichuan, with regional capitals Nanjing and Chendu respectively.
As underlined by Minister Pinkwart, the PRC is the second largest trade partner for North Rhine-Westphalia after the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Vice versa NRW enjoys being the region with most foreign direct investment stemming from the PRC. NRW was exceptionally in the aforementioned cities to present new technologies concerning mobility to Chinese partners and investors.

In Peking the Minister paid a visit to Huawei, the Xiaoying Bus Terminal, by far the largest electrobus station worldwiede as well as the start-up Street Innoway.

For further information:
PRC – NRW, Picture by Land NRW, Ralph Sondermann.

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