April 23, 2019

International Protocol & Strategic Networking: a worldwide export product from The Hague!

“Keep on climbing!” With these words Mark Verheul started his farewell letter to the diplomatic community in May.

Over the years he had been inspired many times by these simple words of a dear friend of his. Earlier on this year they inspired him again after a certain flow of events at city hall, which resulted in deciding to take a next step in his career. After more than 8 beautiful and interesting years as head of protocol, he took the initiative to leave the municipality of The Hague. It was time for a change.

A new professional perspective. In the period that followed he focused on finding that opportunity; whether that might be at home or abroad; within the government, an international organisation, the non-profit sector or corporate world. But in the end he started to realise that there is such a demand for trainings, advice and consultancy related to the topics of the publication of An Experts’ Guide to International Protocol, which he co-authored with Gilbert Monod de Froideville in 2016, that he decided to continue with his own training and consultancy firm “International Protocol & Strategic Networking” on a fulltime basis.

Group picture from an International Protocol & Strategic Networking training in Bhutan.

Together with Gilbert, former Master of Ceremonies of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and director of the consulting company “Protocol International”, he has already provided trainings in New York City, Geneva, Kathmandu, Thimphu (Bhutan) and other projects took place in a.o. Chicago, Doha, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam and of course in The Hague.

Participants range from diplomats and other government officials, to representatives of the corporate, cultural and academic worlds as well as students. Gilbert: “Although the roots of protocol are traditional, it is an evolving practice and we strive to adapt and grow with the clients we serve. I am convinced that anyone seeking professional advice or training in protocol can find their solutions within our services and publication.” Both of them are proud to mention as well that at the moment their book is being translated into Spanish and Mandarin by publishing houses of renowned universities in Madrid and Beijing. So more opportunities to come! “Keep on climbing!”.


Main picture by Kim Vermaat.

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