May 25, 2019

V Diplomats’ Welcome After Summer

On the picture Dr. Mayelinne De Lara, Diplomat Magazine’s publisher and the Tunisian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Elyes Ghariani.

The end of the summer and the welcome of the diplomatic community returning to town was celebrated with glamour by Diplomat Magazine in collaboration with Crown Plaza Hotel and the embassies of Argentina, Italy, and Switzerland.

The reception included an exquisite motorcars show, a luxury cars exhibition of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers, who presented their latest developments to the Diplomatic Corps. The V Diplomats Welcome After Summer and 2nd Diplomatic Car Tryout showcased the best new cars on the market from the Louwman museum exclusive brands, Maserati, McLaren, Lexus, Mercedes, Alpha Romeo, Fiat, and Jeep.

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Two live Jazz bands led by Daniel Nicolas and Claudio De Rosa serenaded the many diplomatic guests in attendance, as well as special guests including ambassadors from all over the world and people from the business industry.

Moreover, numerous Dutch politicians, judges from international courts, and the heads of various international NGO’s headquartered in The Hague also paid their visit to this special event.

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H.E. Andrea Perugini, Ambassador of Italy with Erick Louwman, from Louwman museum

Patrick Aarsman, the General Manager of Crowne Plaza and Dr. Mayelinne De Lara, Diplomat Magazine Publisher welcomed the guests followed by speeches of Veronica Ferrucci, the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Italy, Nicolas Vidal, the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Argentina and Mirko Zambelli, the Minister Counsellor of the Swiss Embassy. Besides, each presented the flagship products of their home country.

Nicolas Vidal, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Argentina, Veronica Ferrucci, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Italy, and Mirko Zambelli, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Switzerland.

“It is a great pleasure to support this year’s Diplomat Magazine After Summer Event. I arrived in The Netherlands last July as the new Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Italy and Diplomat Magazine welcomed me on the table of my new home in the Hague, giving me the chance to get acquainted to this city and the diplomatic community.

AD News in Dutch.

Today’s event is a great opportunity of networking and promotion and I am very glad that, together with the Swiss and Argentinean Embassies, we were able to support it offering excellent coffee, coming straight from Italy thanks to our sponsor.

I wish you all a very pleasant night and I thank Diplomat Magazine for the initiative.” Expressed Veronica Ferrucci.

Café Fadi

Attendees enjoyed Italian coffee from Café Fadi, who came to Crowne Plaza with a barista from Italy making authentic Italian coffee on site.

The most popular of the night was an amaretto café, and a special collection of top wines generously provided by the Argentinean embassy.

H.E. Mr. Amgad Ghaffar, Ambassador of Egypt, H.E. Ms. Marithza Ruiz de Vielman, Ambassador of Guatemala, H.E. Venu Rajamony, Ambassador of India, Mr. Aart Kleinveld, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz and H.E. Andrea Perugini, Ambassador of Italy.

Nicolas Vidal, also added the overview of the worldwide known quality Argentinean wines and introduced two wine importers from Argentina, Belgerette Wines by José Belgerette, and La Giostra del Vino by Jacques Hoogeveen.

two wine importers from Argentina, Belgerette Wines by José Belgerette, and La Giostra del Vino by Jacques Hoogeveen.

“ I would like first to thank Diplomat Magazine and the Crowne Plaza for the opportunity that has been given to us to be present today with Swiss/Lindt stand. And of course a big thank to Lindt Netherlands for being present and for their generosity.” Said Mirko Zambelli.

On top of that, the guests were positively surprised by the Swiss presentation of the exceptional chocolates produced by Lindt. Attendants were amazed by the magic of all flavours of the excellent selection of chocolates by Lindt, and everyone was happy to leave the event and come back home with half a kilo of these exquisite Swiss specialties.

H.E. Mr. Fernando Buchelli, from Ecuador

“It is a wonderful occasion to briefly making reference to the history of chocolate in Switzerland. The starting point is: how did Switzerland, a country without colonies or cocoa, come to be one of the leading countries in the chocolate market?

And it a began in the south of Switzerland, the Italian speaking canton (Canton Ticino) from which I come from. But chocolate wasn’t the luxurious eating experience of today, chocolate was gritty and chewy. In 1836 the Sprungli family set up a shop in Zurich and they later (1899) merged with Mr. Lindt’s from Bern to become the famous brand “Lindt & Sprungli”. Rodolphe Lindt was at the origin of a “chocolate revolution” when he left his machines running overnight that he discovered the conching process which became later the “long conche”, a machine to mix and distribute cocoa butter within chocolate. It is thanks to these pioneers that we can today experience the sweet stuff melting in our mouths.

You are all invited to visit us at the Swiss/Lindt stand, a place where you will experience the best of Swiss tradition.” Stated Mr. Zambelli.

“Chocolate diplomacy”, a term invented by Mirko Zambelli, was among the main topics discussed among the guests.

This was a special occasion for all attending, not only to connect with many partners, but also to exchange views with colleagues and counterparts.


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