June 24, 2019

Pakistan to relax visa policy

December 2018: Pakistan is planning to ease visa restrictions for visitors from 55 countries, including most European Union states, in a bid to revive tourism that was devastated by Islamist violence in the fallout from the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

The news arrived after Portugal this month declared Pakistan safe for travel, while France has also relaxed its advisory on travel to the South Asian nation. Security has since improved dramatically, with militant attacks down sharply in the mainly Muslim country of 208 million people.

Potentially restarting tourism has been one of the most talked about stratagems of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s push to create an Islamic welfarestate in Pakistan, yet visitors to the country often complain of an arduous visa process.

British Airways on 18 December 2018, announced it shall resume flights to Pakistan next year after a 10-year hiatus that followed a major hotelbombing, becoming the first Western airline to restart such flight routes.

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