May 26, 2019

Brazil to forfeit globalism 

On the picture Ernesto Araújo – Picture by Valter Campanato, Agência Brasil.

1 January 2019, Brasilia, Federative Republic of Brazil: Brazilian new Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo explained before the press that his country would revert to its former, less globalist policies and support those fighting against “tyranny” in Venezuela.

“At the United Nations, Brazil would no longer serve the interests of international non-governmental organizations”, he uttered in an allocution made after being sworn in office.

Araujo’s thoughts on international relations mark an abrupt break from Brazil’s traditional conciliatory stances. Araújo said it was time for Brazilians to focus on patriotism and be less concerned with the global order.

Ernesto Araújo assumed office on 1 January 2019 after having been selected for the position on 14 November 2018 by President Jair Bolsonaro. He is a career diplomat previously having served as director to the department heeding affairs vis-à-vis the USA and Canada.

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