May 26, 2019

Édouard Philippe in Bonn and Köln

Ambassador Anne-Marie Descôtes, PM Édouard Philippe and Premier Armin Laschet – Picture by Land NRW, Mark Hermenau.
Thursday, 10 January 2019, Bonn/Köln, NRW, Germany: Premier of NRW Armin Laschet received France’s head of government, Édouard Philippe  at Bonn’s Palais La Redoute for a discussion on bilateral issues, and likewise cultural affairs as Premier Laschet is since 1 January 2019 serves as German Plenipotentiary for Cultural Affairs according to the treaty of Franco-German cooperation.
Prime Minister Édouard Philippe paid a visit to the École de Gaulle-Adenauer, whence Édouard Philippe received his baccalaureate. Later in the evening the French delegation travelled to Cologne wherein Prime Minister Philippe was guest of honour at the new year’s reception of Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Premier Laschet took up particularly the issue of a more intensive joint programmes for artificial intelligence. More precisely he spoke about a “Montaunion” in the spirit of the Coal and Steel Community that was born seventy years ago in the Rhein and Ruhr regions, nonetheless, focusing on artificial intelligence and placing data to the service of European citizens.

IHK New Year’s reception – Picture by Land NRW, Hermenau.

Another political topic of European relevance is the signing of the “Aachen Treaty” on 22 January between President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Dr. Merkel in the presence of Premier Armin Laschet. The former treaty shall not replace the Elysée Treaty of 1963 but rather clarify contemporary issues of more integration and cooperation between France and Germany. Both treaties are to be treated on equal footing concerning international law.
French Ambassador to Germany, Anne-Marie Descôtes, accompanied Prime Minister Philippe throughout his official visit.
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