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Qatars appoints chief of government -

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context

Amsterdam University Press publishes a new book on strategic relationship.

By Jean Paul Wijers, Monica Bakker, Robert Collignon and Gerty Smit.

In an increasingly connected world, strategic relationship management is a vital capability for successful organizations. The book about relationship management Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context focuses on building and managing a strong network and reciprocal relationships for the entire organization by implementing a professional relationship management approach at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Many organizations are currently undergoing the transition to a more flexible network organization aimed at improving collaboration, both internally and externally. A solid and profitable network is one of the key prerequisites for (business) success, but the development of professional relationship management is new and complex.

Managing Authentic Relationships describes a professional relationship management that provides access to the right networks:

  • The development of a relationship management strategy.
  • Management by tangible results; the Return-on-Relationship.
  • The right approach for the complex management of relations.
  • Clear internal responsibility for relations management.
  • The right supervision for the transition to a modern network organization.
  • The development of the right networking competencies and measurable, effective meetings.

The wish to squeeze as much as possible out of the relationship harms the relationship and increases distance and distrust.

This book about relationship management also offers a holistic view. Managing authentic relationships requires a shared understanding of what relationships are. It is impossible to develop successful relationship management without authentic relationships based on trust and reciprocity.

Future networks: High-trust Value Networks. 

A common mistake is that organizations do not start expanding their network until they find themselves in a crisis. That is too late! People will be suspicious about your intentions. By that time, the network should already be in place and have a solid basis of reciprocity and trust.

De four militia paintings in the book and on the cover show the importance of networking in the 17th century, but they are also included because of the similarities with our time; cooperation based on trust in small and closed networks offer resilience and flexibility in our complex world where uncertainty has become the new normal.

“As personal relationships become more important in our accelerating and digitizing world, it is a huge benefit to finally have a book that defines relationship management as a true and required profession in any organization.” Janine Dijkmeijer, CEO of the Nederlands Dans Theater.

“This book on strategic relationship management is mandatory literature for all who want to constructively build a world based on sustainable mutual benefits, where commerce blossoms and peace prevails.” Dick Berlijn, former Commander in Chief of the Dutch Armed Forces.

“This valuable book is about the lost art of personal attention; Very important in building networks and relationships!” Alexandra Messervy, Founder and Chief Executive of The English Manner, formerly of the Royal Household of HM the Queen.

ISRM Training & consultancy

The Institute of Strategic Relationship Management (ISRM) is the founder of modern relationship management. Our unique approach is based on more than 20 years’ practical experience. ISRM is a network of relationship management experts.

Our consultancy and training help organizations in the transition to a modern and effective network organization that employs a purposeful and structured relationship management policy. Professional relationship management ensures that a network contributes to the achievement of an organization’s targets, providing access to the right networks and creating mutual relations with the right people.

In addition, ISRM organizes the postgraduate training program Strategic Relationship Management once a year for professionals who are responsible for the management and development of network management within organizations.

Access to the right networks and a mutual relation with the right people

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