May 24, 2019

Bremen opens office in Prague

19 February 2019: Bremen opens a representation in the Golden City of Prague as a hub for harbour economics. An agreement was signed between the harbour management company Bremenports and the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce located in Prague. 

Bremen’s Senator for Economics, Employment and Harbours, Martin Günthner, highlighted the fact that beside Austria, Czechia is an important economic partner for containers and the automobile industry. The representation will be managed by Bremenports to heed the interests of Bremen and Bremerhaven. However other companies in Bremen will be able to use its services to tap on the Czech market.  

Whereas economic ties vis-à-vis Saxony or Hamburg are stagnating the ones towards Bremen are booming. In 2018 the Bremen-Czech foreign trade amounted grew by 14,6 percent and reached a record of 848,4 million Euro. In other words, more much more than the total Czech trade vis-à-vis Canada or the United Arab Emirates altogether. Much of the trade concerns the automobile industry, including parts for car manufacturing amounting to 35 percent of the total, the rest goes to clothing, metals, food industry and machines. 

Bremenports General Manager Robert Howe spoke about the opportunity to intensify the lobbying in place as the city-state has certainly profited from its representation in Vienna. 

For further information:
Czech Embassy to Germany (HE Ambassador Tomáš Jan Podivínský):
Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen:

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