June 26, 2019

Transcending Borders

Endless imagination and the freedom of movement

By Tamara Dijkstra.

The definition of art is fluid, not fixed, nor tangible and holds a different meaning to many people. Besides that, many influential artists, well-known intellectuals and scientists have written about the concept of art and explored the role and influence of art on society and daily life. Although the discussion on the concept of art is very complex and diverse, I think that we can all agree that art can spark something; a friendship, a critical discussion, courage, passion, an interesting conversation, motivation, new ideas or just simply bring us a moment of happiness.

These were the emotions and sounds that defined the atmosphere during the inauguration of the art exhibition “Movimiento” at the Mexican Embassy in The Hague, on February 12.

The art collective of eight Mexican artists, founded and led by the Mexican painter Emilio Sanchez Diaz was created to support and promote on the one hand, new and emerging artists and their growing careers and one the other hand, established artists that have already received recognition in the art world in México. The eight artists, Anna Kutycz and Rudek, EMSAR, Emilio Sánchez, Pilar González, Nancy van Overveldt, Paola Luis Hernández, Jose Luis Couoh and Pablo Esteban have all different life trajectories, ways of creating art in motion, perspectives and methods of visualization.

In de picture from left to right: Jorge Delgado, Embassy of Mexico, Emilio Sánchez, artist, Alejandra Saldaña, artist manager, Itzel Barragán, curator, Mauricio Torres, Embassy of Mexico, Pilar González, artist and RUDEK, artist.

Albeit the work is genuinely diverse and sometimes even contrasting, the thematic link that connects the work can be found through the figurative representations, for instance the colors and cohesive elements of critical thought, emotions and experiences in both México and the Netherlands that are reflected in their work.

Movimiento, Mexican exhibition, The Hague.

The exhibition was carefully curated by Emilio Sanchez Diaz and Itzel Barragán, who together with the Embassy, artists and friends transformed the gallery of the Mexican Embassy into a colorful and dynamic space beyond belief. Additionally, Itzel Barragan wrote the beautiful exhibition texts and an extensive thorough article about the exhibition in the magazine of the Mexican Embassy “Origenes”, which will be published at the end of February.

Mexican exhibition Movimiento.

The exhibition “Movimiento” represents artwork that has been influenced by different art movements, manifestations and radical changes around the world that occurred during the twentieth century. Considering the great creativity and professionalism of the curators, the public was challenged to approach the art without prejudice and to understand the different rhythms of movement. Simultaneously the public was touched by the intense colors and the alternation of expressionistic, abstract cubic and even surrealistic structures and narration. 

Like many rivers that are constantly turning and flowing from different origins, while following their own path, many ideas, experiences and rhythms emerged along the way. And as all the rivers eventually run into the sea, the experiences of the eight artist in both Mexico and the Netherlands are harmonized and driven together into unity in this magnificent exhibition.

Pilar González, artist, Emilio Sánchez, artist, Itzel Barragán, curator and Alejandra Saldaña, artist manager.

The art exhibition “Movimiento” is open for the public until the 21st of March, from Monday till Friday between 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00 hrs. at the Mexican Embassy in The Hague.

Thanks to Itzel Barragán

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