June 24, 2019

Pan-Alpine regional accord on climate change

Josef Geisler, Dr. Christian Rathgeb, Arno Kompatscher, Dr. Brigitta Pallauf, Dr. Markus Söder, Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Marc Mächler and Dr. Florian Herrmann. Picture by Bayern.de

Thursday, 4 April 2018, Free State of Bavaria, Herrenchiemsee, Germany: the seven heads of government, or their representatives of the Alpine region, signed a joint agreement and drew up a declaration to protect the highly sensitive Alpine region as an ecosystem, home to solid and vibrant economies as well as an area for leisure for millions of people. 

In attendance to the summit hosted by Bavarian Premier Dr. Markus Söder, seconded by the Minister of State in charge of Federal, European and Media Affairs, Dr. Florian Herrmann, were Tyrol’s Deputy Governor (LandeshauptmannJosef Geisler, Counsellor of the Canton of Graubünden (of the Grisons), Dr. Christian Rathgeb, the Governor of South Tyrol, Arno Kompatscher, Salzburg’s Diet Speaker, Dr. Brigitta Pallauf, , Governor (Landeshauptmann) of Upper Austria, Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Counsellor of the Canton ofSt. Gallen Marc Mächler. All attending dignitaries were in agreement with the fact that solutions must be sought integrating the entire region to better manage the challenges they face. 

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