May 25, 2019

Bavaria opens representation in Ethiopia

Director Linda Schraml & Premier Dr. Markus Söder – Picture by

14-18 April 2019, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: the Premier of the Free State of Bavaria, Dr. Markus Söder travelled to Ethiopia pursuing the goal to contribute to the positive democratic and innovative development of Ethiopia as well as to expanding economic ties to Africa in general. 

In a statement Premier Dr. Söder described Ethiopia as an “stability anchor in the Horn of Africa, but at the same time a focal point for global challenges”.  Water scarcity, the decline of forests and soil erosion are an expression of climate change and significant environmental problems in Ethiopia. Moreover, Ethiopia is a central transit country for refugees. The Free State of Bavaria wishes to contribute to ameliorating the situation on the ground as per the government statement. 

Bavaria selected Addis Ababa, owing to its status as a hub for continental diplomacy by hosting the African Union as well as further international organisations, to open its first representation in Africa being led by Director Linda Schraml

Federal President of Ethiopia, Sahle-Work Zewde & Premier Dr. Markus Söder – Picture by

A Bavarian-Ethiopian Business Forum plays a pivotal role in exploring and expanding existing economic business between the two countries. 

During his visit to Ethiopia Dr. Söder also paid a visit to the Gambela refugee camp, and offered Bavarian aid in the fields of education and sanitation. 

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