May 25, 2019

Grand Opening of the 36th Weifang International Kite Fair in Shandong, China

By He Deliang, Weifang City News.

Spring breeze ten miles, fragrant city, colorful kites flying, spring is full of. On April 20, the 36th Weifang International Kite Fair opened in the coastal area. Kite enthusiasts and guests from all walks of life at home and abroad gathered again in Weifang, the World Kite capital, to fly their dreams and seek common development.

Liu Peng, honorary chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee and former director of the State General Administration of Sports, opened the ceremony; Sun Jiye, Vice Governor, and Hui Xin’an, Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress delivered speeches; Tian Qingying, Vice Secretary and Mayor of the Municipal Committee presided over the opening ceremony; and Su Like, Zhang Xiaofeng, Sun Mingliang, Wang Shuhua and Fan Fusheng attended.

In his speech, Sun Jiye said that Shandong is a coastal economic, cultural and populous province in eastern China, and one of the regions with the greatest potential and vitality for development and favored by investors at home and abroad.

Weifang is the world’s famous kite capital and the headquarters of the International Kite Federation. Weifang International Kite Fair attracts many kite fans from home and abroad to gather here every year to exchange culture and transmit friendship. It has become a bright business card of Weifang, Shandong and even China.

It plays an important role in promoting kite culture, promoting national fitness, expanding opening up and promoting economic cooperation. It is hoped that Weifang will further explore and enhance the brand value of the International Kite Fair and make it a world-renowned festival. Weifang International Kite Festival is not only a festival of kite culture, but also a festival of cooperation and exchanges and a festival of conspiracy for development. “I hope that through the Weifang International Kite Fair, friends can enjoy the fun of kite sports and harvest sincere friendship. I hope that friends at home and abroad will innovate and start businesses in this hot land of Shandong, seek common development and realize their dreams.”

In his speech, Hui Xin’an, on behalf of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, sincerely welcomed the leading guests and expressed sincere thanks to friends at home and abroad who have long cared about and supported Weifang’s reform and development. After briefly introducing Weifang’s economic and social development, he said that kites link the past and the present, and friendship spreads all over the world.

More than 2400 years ago, Luban made and flew the world’s first kite here. He began to let kites run through history and gradually evolved into a national fitness campaign under the background of “Healthy China”. It has become a popular and participatory mass activity among people all over the world. It has gathered people’s hearts, enhanced friendship and optimized international relations. The new era calls for new actions, and the new era gives kites more new connotations.

The theme of the kite festival is “embracing the world, sharing the blue sky and flying dreams”, which highlights the spirit of openness, cooperation, green and win-win, and conforms to the general trend of world development. At present, Weifang is speeding up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, promoting rural revitalization, and creating a new opening-up plateau. It is embracing the world and pooling resources in a more open and inclusive manner.

“Open Weifang is full of opportunities, innovative Weifang is thirsty for talents, and striving Weifang is willing to work hand in hand with friends from all over the world, mutual benefit and win-win situation. Kites will build an open platform for cooperation, build a bridge of evergreen friendship and become a beautiful business card for Weifang to go to the world. I sincerely look forward to seeing and walking more in Weifang, feeling the customs of the city, looking for opportunities for cooperation and creating a better future. We will continue to uphold the concept of “good kite festival, promote cooperative development”, and strive to make this kite festival a grand gathering of friendship, harmony and development.”

After the opening ceremony, the leading guests attended the splendid performances of literature and art and the free flight performances enthusiastically.

After 35 years of accumulation, inheritance and cultivation, Weifang International Kite Festival has become a unique international cultural and sports event, an important carrier for promoting international exchanges, a core stage for displaying urban civilization, and won the title of “China’s Top Ten Brand Festivals in 40 years of reform and opening up”.

More than 800 kite enthusiasts from 65 countries (regions) and 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions participated in the kite festival, including 30 events such as competitions, performances, exhibitions, economic and trade. It lasted 11 days. It is a comprehensive festival with high degree of internationalization, strong mass participation and great social impact. It will bring you richer, more interesting and more effective experience.

Photography by Weifang City Daily News

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