May 25, 2019

International public opinion deserves to know the truth

By H.E. Ms. Soraya Alvarez, Ambassador of Cuba to the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the Kingdom of The Netherlands refers to measures announced last April 17th by the current US Administration which reflect the progressive and declared the intention to deteriorate bilateral relations and tight its unilateral and illegal sanctions against Cuba.

The measures are aimed at further reducing the very limited trade exchange between Cuba and the USA and specifically attack the Cuban financial sector. There is an extremely extraterritorial persecution in place, intended to hinder third-country entities and business persons, threatening them with legal reprisals or the denial of visas to enter the United States, for them and their relatives if they exercise the legitimate right to engage in trade and investment relations with Cuba. These measures are the full implementation of the Helms-Burton Act.

The measures also seek to limit the links of Cubans who reside in the United States with their country of origin and curtail as much as possible people to people contact between citizens of the two countries. They restrict remittances and the possibilities for US citizens to travel to Cuba.

In 1996, Cuba adopted a law which among other precepts declares the Helms-Burton Act illegitimate, and assures protection for foreign business persons and investors. Cuba expresses its willingness to legally and politically protect the interests of companies, entities and individuals from any country which maintain legitimate trade and investment relations with Cuba.

The actions and measures announced will undoubtedly have an effect on the Cuban economy,on the development prospects for the country and the population’s standards of living. However,they will not prevent Cuba’s steady progress towards a more just, prosperous and sustainablesociety. Neither will they force any political concession, nor will they in any way, shape or form bend the unflinching will of the Cubans to defend their national sovereignty in face of the aggressive conduct of the United States.

The economic blockade in its entirety and the Helms-Burton Act in particular, have been rejected and demanded its end every year by the overwhelming majority of the United Nations Member States as well as by the international community in multiple international and regional fora.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba vigorously and categorically condemns the hostile escalation of the United States government policy against the island which expand the economic, commercial and financial blockade applied against Cuba for the past sixty years. It clearly express disrespect for International Law, well known practices that rule international relations as well as for the norms and principles of the United Nations Charter.

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