May 25, 2019

Long live Emperor Maximilian!

By H.E. Mr. Günther Platter, Landeshauptmann (Governor) of Tirol, Austria.

The year 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I. To commemorate this historic event, the State of Tyrol, the City of Innsbruck and Innsbruck Tourismus have proclaimed 2019 The Year of Maximilian. 

Numerous activities will take place to honour this versatile and dynamic Habsburg Emperor, who called Tyrol his treasure chest and home. Over 120 events, exhibitions and projects are scheduled both in and outside of Tyrol. 

The underlying goal is to raise awareness for the historic figure of Maximilian I and his importance for the state of Tyrol. The events will attempt to revive the state’s history and emphasize the present-day significance of Maximilian I for Tyrol.

The seven lives of Maximilian

From 20 to 30 June 2019, a festival for contemporary musical theatre called The Seven Lives of Maximilian will take place at seven venues throughout Tyrol. Each venue will portray an important part of the Emperor’s life. The festival will be directed by Daniel Ott and Manos Tsangaris, the acclaimed directors of the Munich Biennale, a unique festival which exclusively hosts new musical theatre premieres.  

The Seven Lives of Maximilian will be held in Lienz, Stams, Schwaz, Hall, Landeck, Altfinstermünz and Innsbruck. Admission to all of the events is free. 

Emperor Max goes social

Emperor Maximilian is known as the ‘last knight’ and the ‘first European’. He is also considered the number one networker of his time. This is why various social media networks are actively used to portray the life of Maximilian and his companions.

Maximilian will be ‘posting’ about his plans and adventures. His postings will include links to websites with historic background information and facts. This will allow anyone to actively obtain historic knowledge in an entertaining way. The more people that join in, the better.  

The emperor has his own social media profiles as Kaiser.Maximilian. I on I/  as well as Kaiser Maximilian I on

An overview of all the events in and outside of Tyrol can be found at

Photo credit: Land Tirol/Berger

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