June 26, 2019

Budapest: the Paris of the East

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is often referred to as “the Paris of the East”. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, here is a piece of advice for you: profit from the precious tips of Anna Balazs.

Anna is an expert organizer of trips to Hungary. Since Wizzair Airlines started to link Hungary to the Netherlands, Anna, who has been living in the Netherlands for 25 years, started to specialize in the organization of visits to the Hungarian capital, especially for adult visitors. 

Anna’s approach is based on customizing the visit to each visitor’s needs. Ahead of the trip, the visitor schedules an appointment with her, allowing her to know each one’s personal preferences. “I like to discover what people like to do, from biking to go to the Opera House, from wine tasting and restaurants to museums and shopping” – Anna says.

Hungarian Parliament House.

On her website (www.naarbudapest.nl), Anna provides customized lists of tips for different types of holiday. “To do” things for an active holiday, for instance, include walking, running, and cycling tours, hikes outside the city, as well as playing golf and attending music festivals. For a more relaxing holiday, Anna advises instead to profit from the thermal baths, to enjoy Hungarian food and drinks in specific restaurants or parks, to enjoy performances at the Opera House, and to explore the city with carts and boats. 

Anna’s apartment is located close to Budapest’s center, ten minutes from downtown. “This allows to experience Budapest from a local perspective” – she notes – “Going to the local bakery and taking a coffee before getting to the touristic area: this is a unique experience and it makes a short trip more relaxing. You can be a tourist in a local and Hungarian way, the taste is much different”.

Anna Balazs.

Anna also helps her guests by providing insider tips for local restaurants, including for instance a local bakery and a breakfast restaurant located on the ground floor of the apartment’s building. Moreover, she organizes cooking workshops in proximity of the apartment. 

Anna’s organizational skills are impeccable. Consulting the calendar, she can spot special activities happening during your time in Budapest. There is no need for you to check travel books or look for information, most of them not so relevant for short stays. Anna can help you with this. Moreover, while several Hungarian websites are in Hungarian only, Anna’s website is both in English and in Dutch. 

Budapest Church.

As an experienced trip organizer, Anna is also extremely reliable. She is reachable at any time and for any kind of tips, including on shops’ opening hours, or where to buy a specific souvenir, or where to eat the best goulash in town. Moreover, she also provides a taxi in case, during short stays, you might want to go directly to certain places. 

If you are willing to visit Budapest, we can already give you a few tips, advising you not to miss some key highlights such as including the Gellert SPA, the Danube boat tours, the famous Opera House, and the Great Market Hall. However, if you want a full, customized experience, please do get in touch with Anna!


Anna Balazs: www.naarbudapest.nl / info@naarbudapest.nl 

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