June 26, 2019

XVI Informal gathering of German-speaking heads of state in Linz

3-4 June 2019, Linz, Upper Austria, Republic of Austria: The traditional informal gathering of the heads of state from the German-speaking countries took place this year in in Linz, Austria’s third largest city located in the state of Upper Austria.

These meetings have been held since 2004, and are organised annually in one of the six participating countries; Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium. 
This year’s gathering was emphasised two topics, namely digitalisation and climate policies. 

Although the meeting is meant for the heads of state of partaking countries, one should note that Switzerland has no one single head of state, hence Federal Counsellor Ueli Maurer partook in his capacity as rotating primus inter pares within the seven-members strong Federal Swiss Council. Likewise Liechtenstein’s Hereditary Prince Alois participates in his capacity as deputy to the sovereign prince.

For further information:     Austrian Presidency (Prof. Alexander van der Bellen): https://bundespraesident.at/aktuelles/detail/news/informelles-treffen-der-deutschsprachigen-staatsoberhaeupter-von-3-4-juni-2019-in-linz/

Picture by the Belgian Monarchy.

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