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Uzbekistan, Agro- Industry Presentation

By Roy Lie Atjam.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan in the Netherlands H.E. Mr Dilyor Khakimov, organized a presentation and a networking coffee event to promote Uzbekistan Agro-industry. The presentation took place at the Provinciezaal of Nieuwspoort The Hague on 20 January 2020.

The keynote speaker was to be the Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan, H.E. Mr Jamshid Khodjaev. Unfortunately, Minister Khodjaev had to call off the visit as he had to attend to urgent matters at home. However, Minister Khodjaev will be coming to The Hague ulteriorly.

Mr Ulugbek Khusainov, Chief Inspector of the President’s Administration, Madam Kamila Irgasheva, Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov and Mr Boy Frank, representative of the Uzbek commerce chamber in the Netherlands.

The presentation went ahead, Madam Kamila Irgasheva, Head of the Division of the Ministry of Agriculture delivered a lively and informative presentation. There was a panel composed of: Mr Ulugbek Khusainov, Chief Inspector of the President’s Administration, Madam Kamila Irgasheva, Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov and Mr Boy Frank, representative of the Uzbek commerce chamber in the Netherlands. Scores of potential Dutch investors attended the event as well as Ambassadors and diplomats. Among them the Ambassador of Turkey and the Charge d ‘Affaires a.i of Belarus.

The evening proceeded with testimonials of companies already active in Uzbekistan and a two minutes each pitches of companies envisaging to leap into the upcoming Central Asia market of Uzbekistan.

A distinguish guest, Ambassador Khakimov and H.E. Ambassador Şaban Dişli, Ambassador of Turkey.

Uzbekistan is open for dialogue and is interested in expanding pragmatic cooperation with all partners based on equality, mutual benefit, respect and consideration of each other’s interests. Uzbekistan does not develop relations with one country or organization by restricting cooperation with the other side.

Agro Uzbekistan

The Government of Uzbekistan has institutions in place to facilitate prospective investors. For instance, there are investment protection and support schemes: Government guarantees investment protection, Government bodies don’t have the right to interfere in investor activities, investors activities are not subject to nationalization.

Investment stimulation activities :

Granting tax and customs benefits, as well as preferences for terms determined to depend on the type of activity and volume of investment.

A 24/7 Call Centre, tax facilities and so much more has been put in place. The Ministry of Agriculture contact data http//

Already investing in Uzbekistan are Coca Cola, Hyundai, Boeing. Samsung, Hyatt and others.

Export, main outlet markets for Uzbek products are Russia, Kazahkstan, Baltic countries and even China. The phenomena Green Corridors, a simplified customs clearance system is gaining ground. Uzbekistan is vying the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

The Uzbek diaspora in the Netherlands presented tokens to Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov and some others in the Uzbek community.

Ambassador Dilyor Khakimov, can look back on a successful evening, good exposure of the Uzbek Agro-industry. Bravo.

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