October 22, 2017

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About us

Welcome to Border-Crossing, a scholarly project of Diplomat Magazine in The Hague. It is a pleasure to have you as a reader!

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Border-Crossing is a online magazine that was created to enhance Diplomat Magazine’s valuable academic-practitioner dialogue. We aim to be an engaging and informative publication that offers an international and interdisciplinary perspective on diverse issues affecting diplomats.

The magazine also offers a variety of advertising services for published authors and firms in the field of diplomacy.

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“It is thanks to the dedication of volunteer editors, designers, advisors, and writers that magazine has been able to deliver the thought-provoking, clear and penetrating insights that it has since its first issue in February 2015.”

Eugene Matos De Lara, Chief-Publisher


“Diplomacy involves the crossing of many borders. Diplomats cross state, linguistic, and cultural borders in order to reach those with whom they must communicate. Diplomats must also cross disciplinary, theoretical and vocational borders as they blend fields of knowledge, experience, and customs to accomplish their delicate tasks. It is with great pleasure, and in the spirit of crossing all these borders, that Diplomat Magazine undertook Border-Crossing.”

Benjamin Miller, Editor



Publisher: Eugene Matos De Lara

Editor: Benjamin Miller

Academic advisers: Arne Ruckert, Dave Van Ginhoven

Associate Publisher: Amelia Baxter

Associate editors: Eric Wilkinson, Mete Erducan, Guillaume Lacombe-Kishibe

Lead Designer: Pierre Alexandre Lubin


We invite scholars and doctoral candidates from all fields and around the world to submit diplomacy-relevant articles that follow the guidelines below.

Each of our articles summarizes the author’s main line of thought—usually, but not exclusively, from a larger academic work—with an emphasis on some practical implications (i.e. “take-aways”) for our readers. Authors featured so far have come from the disciplines of diplomacy and international relations, literature, health sciences, and fields less traditionally associated with diplomacy. 

We accept articles on a rolling basis, but must receive articles by the 15th in order to publish them in the subsequent month’s issue, assuming space is available.

We strongly encourage authors whose first language is not English to feel at ease submitting, and our editorial staff will be happy to put in the effort required to assist penetrating insights and interesting ideas to conform to English grammar and style requirements.

We also strongly encourage authors from groups that are under-represented (e.g. gender, (dis)ability, etc.) in the diplomatic community to contribute.


Guidelines for authors

1,000 to 1,500 words, to be sent in .docx or .doc format

APA endnotes should be used for references

The style and use of technical terms should have a non-academic audience in mind

A high quality photo of the writer is required. 300Dpi/ jpeg forma or 3000 pixels and up. 

Short (3-4 lines) biography of the author summarizing her present affiliation and research interests.

Your article might be selected for publication in Diplomat Magazine printed editions in The Hague.



Articles must be submitted to our editor Benjamin Miller at miller.benjamin@ymail.com  Authors will receive notification of acceptance or rejection within two weeks. If accepted, articles will then undergo a thorough editing process before publication. 

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to inquire about the desirability of a potential article topic before submitting it, then do not hesitate to contact Benjamin Miller at the e-mail noted above.

 Peer Review/ Book Publication

Consider publishing your book with Border-Crossing. We offer numerous resources for authors envisioning to publish their books or get peer reviewed. For more information on this service please contact Eric Wilkinson:  ewilk047@uottawa.ca

Commercial/author services 

For any advertisement opportunity or further inquiry please contact our publisher Eugene Matos De Lara at eugenematosdl@gmail.com

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your inputs are considered donations as a contributing writer for free publications in Border Crossing and-or Diplomat Magazine in The Hague. We reserve the right to be published in our Social Media accounts for promotional purposes. Authors are responsible for their own articles and pictures sent to us for publication. We will give priority to articles duly edited by their authors.


Additional articles on the inaugural commemorations in January, February, 2015.



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