June 21, 2018

Printed Editions

Diplomat Magazine’s bi-annual printed editions.

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By and For Diplomats. We are the very first diplomatic magazine in Netherlands’ History, founded in June 19th, 2013 by forty three Heads of Diplomatic Missions in the presence of the Mayor of The Hague at Carlton Ambassador Hotel. Our true story click herehttp://www.diplomatmagazine.nl/2015/12/05/a-true-diplomatic-story/

Ranked in July 2015  as “Top Three diplomatic magazines in Europe by distinguished academic centers”.

Since 2013, Diplomat Magazine has printed five (5) special editions exclusively for embassies or foreign government institutions that have requested our professional services. Our most recent ones are Viet Nam Special Edition 2018 and Rwanda Special Edition 2017. We were selected to design, edit and print these official publications.

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 Special Viet Nam 2018 


Special Viet Nam 2018 


Fall-Winter 2018

 Rwanda Special 2017  

   Spring-Summer 2017


Fall-Winter 2016 




 Spring-Summer 2016


Winter 2015  

 Spring-Summer 2015

Fall-Winter 2014


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