May 24, 2019

CDA Candidate in Delfland

I am running as a CDA candidate for the elections in Delfland, your water region. Vote for Mireille de Jonge!

May I ask for your vote?

Originally from the province of Zeeland, but living in Zuid-Holland since 1991, I am well-acquainted with water issues. I know about the beauty, purity and safety of water.  But I also know that you cannot always take water for granted.

The province of Zuid-Holland is low-lying and therefore must be protected against flooding. To prevent unpleasant surprises in the future, I am focusing on 3 themes:

  • Water flows
  • A clean and safe water supply from neighbouring countries because rivers do not stop at the border.
  • Water needs to flow
  • Combat urbanisation and prepare for climate changes by making our cities and towns greener, including gardens and rooftops.
  • Flooding
  • Water crisis management focused on evacuation plans to ensure all of our safety.

Water: our mission for now and the future!

If you would like to continue to live safely in The Hague region vote for Mireille de Jonge!

All non-Dutch residents who are registered have received a voting pass and can vote on 20 March.

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