June 26, 2019

Iran accuses the U.S. of disregarding human rights

By Guido Lanfranchi.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has reacted to a recent statement by his American counterpart, claiming that in the U.S.’ view, positions on human rights which previously served as a political tool have now turned into a commodity.

In response to the statements of his American counterpart, Mousavi said on Wednesday that it’s now well-known to the whole world that the U.S. regime neither believes in human rights nor is ethically qualified and has the legitimacy to meddle in such issues and take the gesture of a human rights advocate.

“The shameful silence of the U.S. State Department towards beheading and crucifixion of 37 political activists and religious minorities in Saudi Arabia is the latest example of the reality that in the U.S.’ view, positions on human rights which previously served as a political means have turned into a commodity, as well” – he said.

Mousavi also accused the U.S. of economic terrorism, referring to the imposition of sanctions against other nations, leading to great and widespread violations of economic and social rights of human beings. “All countries need to observe human rights, but the United States, which has a dark record of human rights inside and outside the country, needs to carry out an urgent review in this regard” – he said.

“Continuous violations of racial and religious minorities inside the U.S., export of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons for the massacre of civilians, acts of torture in notorious jails, and imposition of unilateral and brutal sanctions on other nations are just part of the U.S.’ dark record in this area” – Mousavi continued. “Iranians don’t need the deceitful and war-mongering support of the U.S.” – he concluded..

Communiqué provided by the Embassy of Iran in the Netherlands. Original on the website of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. http://en.mfa.ir/index.aspx?siteid=3&fkeyid=&siteid=3&pageid=36409&newsview=568950. 

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